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    Permanent placement terms & condition of business


The definition of employer shall include any of the employer’s branches, subsidiaries, holding companies or associated companies.
All fees are based on job category and supply and demand. Fees applicable at the time of acceptance of the order will be individually quoted.
All fees are calculated on a percentage of annual salary packages. The annual salary package includes all income such as monthly basic salary, thirteenth cheque (where the company guarantees such a benefit) and all allowances such as motor, petrol, entertainment, etc.
All fees will be invoiced immediately the successful applicant commencesemployment and are payable upon presentation of invoice. In order to validate the guarantee, all fees should have been received within 14 days of the applicant commencing employment.
Pentad Executive offers a guarantee of 60 days from starting date unless otherwise indicated in writing and provided that the terms in clause 4 above are met. The guarantee does not cover retrenchment. Pentad Executive must be notified immediately when an applicant is engaged. Written notification of termination must be received within 10 days of the applicant leaving the employers service for your protection. Failure to do so will seriously prejudice your replacement. Should the candidate “fall off” within the 1st month, we will replace the applicant free of charge. Should a replacement not be required, we endeavor to reimburse 100%. Should the position be filled through any other source, a 50 % cash reimbursement will be paid immediately. Should the candidate “fall off” in the 2nd month, we endeavor to reimburse with 50%.
6.      GENERAL
Pentad Executive undertakes to introduce to the employer, applicants whom Pentad Executive recommends for consideration for employment. Should any applicant, after being introduced to the employer by Pentad Executive, be taken into service by the employer in any capacity and at any time within a period of 1 (one) year from date of first introduction of the applicant by Pentad Executive to the employer, then the employer will become liable to Pentad Executive for it’s fee as set out in clause 2 above.
Pentad Executive does not accept responsibility of any nature whatsoever arising out of the introduction by Pentad Executive to the employer, or of the engagement by the employer, on Pentad Executive’s introduction, of any applicant. In this regard and to this end the employer undertakes to furnish Pentad Executive of it’s reason for regret of a candidate in writing within 48 hours of such decision.
Unless agreed to the contrary, no advertising costs, consultation charges, or any other charges whatsoever are payable by the employer other than the placement fee as set out in clause 2 above. If the employer, without agreeing to engage an applicant introduced by Pentad Executive, introduces that applicant to some other person or body within a six month period, and that person or body subsequently engages that applicant, then the employer will be liable for the full fee, just as if he or she had engaged the applicant.
Whilst every endeavour will be made by Pentad Executive with regard to the capabilities of the applicant, Pentad Executive does not warrant his/her competence or ability. Any engagement of an applicant introduced by Pentad Executive will be deemed to be and acceptance of the above mentioned terms.
      Neither Pentad Executive nor its members, staff or representatives may be held liable to or
for employers or companies who do not abide by legislation contained in or governed by the new Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997 or the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998.
This agreement shall come into force and effect on the date of delivery to the employer of any curriculum vitae of an applicant, which shall be as record by Pentad Executive.
As a candidates information is strictly confidential, their past or present employers may not be contacted without express consent from Pentad Executive and the candidate involved. Your company will be liable for such loss and damages as the candidate and Pentad Executive may sustain.
9.      WAIVER
Pentad Executive will attempt to provide accurate details from the candidate at all times. Pentad Executive will accept no responsibilityfor errors, misrepresentation or omissions not disclosed by the candidate. Pentad Executive and its employees accepted no responsibility or liability what so ever for any loss, cost or damages caused (directly, indirectly or otherwise), by the candidate be it a temporary, permanent or contract agreement.
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